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Gourmet Chef

at Your Dinner Table

Providing an elevated food experience that is sure to delight your taste buds.


Meet The Chef

Originally from Spencer, Oklahoma, Chef Prince is a culinary virtuoso with over a decade of experience. 

Chef Prince's talent and charisma caught national attention in 2014 when he was featured on Food Network’s *Restaurant Impossible*. His enthusiastic remark, “It’s a party in my mouth,” became a viral sensation, encapsulating his commitment to creating memorable dining experiences. Specializing in Caribbean cuisine, Southern comfort food, Tex-Mex, and Cajun dishes, Chef Prince excels in catering events and providing private cooking lessons and experiences.

Outside the kitchen, Chef Prince enjoys catching O.U. football games and spending quality time with his children. He is an avid traveler, immersing himself in different cultures and drawing culinary inspiration from his global adventures. 



You deserve nothing but the BEST when selecting a CHEF for your special event, and we’re here to make that happen effortlessly. Whether it’s a wedding, business event, graduation, or family reunion, we’re ready to deliver outstanding service and a mouthwatering menu that will wow your guests. Let’s make your event unforgettable with incredible flavors and fantastic memories!

Private Chef

Sometimes, you just want that perfect meal to complete your special occasion. You've nailed the location and planned the perfect activities—now all you need is the BEST Chef in Oklahoma to serve up the most delicious meal you’ve ever tasted! Let’s make your event truly unforgettable with a culinary experience that’ll have everyone raving!

Broken Bow Cabins

Want to get away? Let Chef Prince elevate your Broken Bow cabin retreat to an unforgettable experience. Indulge in exquisite cuisine crafted by Chef Prince, all while enjoying a spectacular setting. Enhance your cabin stay with a one-of-a-kind meal—it's the perfect touch for a perfect getaway!

At Your Service

To create a perfect experience with Chef Prince, please provide details about your preferences, occasion, and dietary restrictions.

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Corey W. 

Hey Chef Prince! I work at Apple at Penn Square and got to sample some of your food today. I just wanted to let you know that mac & cheese and those beans were hands down the best I’ve ever had in my life! And those brisket sandwiches amazing! I think I speak for everyone when I say we all were EXTREMELY thankful and THOROUGHLY enjoyed everything you prepared for us! Thank you so much!!! I look forward to trying more in the future!
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